Sunday, June 5, 2011

piles, revisted

Did you make that Mitochondria T-shirt? I like the poster font, a lot.

Welp, good chattin' with ya today. After we spoke I got to work planning. Wanted to share this cool Daft Punk type video I stumbled upon in research. Thought of you and your previous "action words."

C and I went to the farmers market today---the first one of the season. It was busy, and BIG. So many new vendors with handmade preserves and organic products. Yum! Just picture this...C on bike with French bread under his arm. It was a very Euro moment. ;)

I did this little drawing yesterday--trying to get back into piles again, after loosing everything (digital, that is). Scanned, separated, and reorganized into another test video:

I'm thinking of making a few more of these and having them pile up all at once, with a bit of random timing.

The cats love being right on top of whatever I'm working on (like image at top), it's nuts!

Anyway, love you! Have a good week!

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