Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Monday...time to clean up!

Holy Social Weekend, K! I'm still trying to catch up. It's a fun list to share, though.

Friday night: N + J's double birthday Chicken + Beer night, then the Black Lips show at Logan

Saturday: Eastgiving - Odd Couples party at our house, started cooking early and hung out 'til late. It was a Thanksgiving dinner the night before Easter, with an Odd Couple theme--so folks were to bring food that had an odd combination of flavors/ingredients/purposes/etc.

Select menu items:
  • Turkey with Apple Cabbage Slaw
  • Chocolate Nachos with Strawberry Jalapeno salsa
  • Cannibal Cookies (Brother's creation--with fritos, pretzels, oreos, peanuts, and chocolate chips)
  • Earl Grey Beer (homebrewed by N)
  • Horchata White Russians
  • Kosher Split (envision banana split, with kosher dog in place of banana)
  • Tofu Asada Spring Rolls (C's creation--carne asada spiced tofu wrapped in Vietnamese wrapper with pico salsa)--pictured above
Sunday: Brunch at A + J's, where we set up some Peep dioramas. First, an homage to the movie UP, and then a couple horror flicks with live animals.

At around 3 we hopped (since it was Easter after all) in a Zipcar and drove to Bridgeport to check out the end of MDW fair. Here are some highlights (click to view larger):

C + I participated in the Peregrine Program exhibit--where artists submitted 4x6 ephemera that was installed as below, and the audience could take one of their choosing. E, continued to replace the missing spots with other entries, so the piece was constantly changing.

...and then we crashed

Hope your celebrations were as fun as mine. I can't believe the size of that lizard!

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