Sunday, April 3, 2011

mango envy + dreaminess

Dear K,
Mangoes just fall in your yard?!? Totally jealous! Anyway, what dreamy cyans you have! I especially like the airplant-nest---curvy and spindly.

Speaking of prints and nature and dreaminess...
C and I went to see Eel Space's new show last night. Its subdued mysticism and layered prettiness was right up your alley. Check out the artists' sites (I think you'll especially like Liz McCarthy's work):

The images above were taken from inside a muslin nature screen made by Nicolás Rojas. Isolating a small space within the gallery, the marker-drawn transparency created an interesting frame for viewing the rest of the work in the room. Katherine Lion's prints hung on the wall close by and felt like an extension of the screen---layers of transparency and texture, abstractions of nature, filtered and blended into forms that invite you to look through/look into. Everything seemed to float in air. Even Rebecca Beachy's dead animal remains shimmered like minerals from the earth, thin fragile dust that could easily be inhaled or sneezed away. In a separate space, Nicolás showed a looping projection from a handmade projector---the image hazy and slow, the audio sweet and serene. All together a grouping of delightful hippie-ness.

On a personal note, I had to skip my Thursday art day this week; too much work to do. But, I drew a bit this weekend. Above are 4x6 inch drawings--more studies for piles/goo. And below, storyboards for my animation project. Just trying to figure out how I want it to end...? Oh yeah, and congrats on the KMH branding and such. Really like your dad's pillow pattern with new rug. Orange is becoming a primary at the Miller-Hopkins residence, eh?


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