Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!

Dear K,
Yahooooooooo!! What a week. Exhale, relax and celebrate are in my vocabulary for the weekend. Here are snippets from my to-do list this long weekend.

1. Gallery opening success
2. Go to beach to relax
3. Check out 2 new books from the library (non work related ;)
4. Drink wine with friends to celebrate
5. Hot tub party
6. Make delicious falafels for friends
7. Sleep in and then make eggs
8. Yard work with the Mr.
9. Bike ride with the Mr.
10. Easter celebrations with family

(All but 8 - 10 have been completed, yes!) Wish all weekends were like this! Love your zoo adventures, I've never seen dreadlocked camels - but then again I was shocked at the below picture.. check out the wildlife in our yard this afternoon! This greened odd creature must have been shaken up by my weeding. Yikes!

Love the animation... you are really working it these days. I'd love to be a passenger in your bus world! I'm feeling a productive next few weeks a coming. I still feel like I need to let my mind wander a few more days after the last few very stressful weeks. In honor of starting down another art path - I made the above "celebrate" photo cutting to send to the 6x6x2011 show in my old haunt. Breezy and cathartic. I'm still on this text kick - planning linocuts next... Something about cutting text is doing it for me lately.

Great to hear your voice earlier.. thanks for all the love and encouragement!
Continuing the parallel, xoxo

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