Sunday, April 10, 2011

Over branded/whelmed/loaded

Dear K,

Hey... awesome walk documentation of your neighborhood architecture! I love seeing your pencil lines in both the continued piles and animation studies. Slowly but surely... you said it.

I'm feeling slow these last few weeks, in response to the vast amount of things on my to-do list. Too busy this week for any art fun - but here is what I have been working on.. not fun, but necessary. Hoping for more fun next week.

Remember this? Oh how short internet life is...

Portfolio gathering is time consuming, tedious and often annoying. But.. I'm glad I have it now and have burned discs full of my portfolio, student portfolio, etc. Here's to professional development. Good thing I took a break and listened to bluegrass at a park today. The old-timer banjo player made me think of you.

Happy week. Love, K.

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