Thursday, May 5, 2011

time warp photo obsessions

There and back. It was a quick trip. I'll fill you in soon.
Yay for time to "studio" and obsess over visual pleasures! I'm not quite in studio mode yet, but I am obsessing...over pictures. (for Denver pics: my flickr set)

I've been noticing your hipstamatic pics have made it to the blog. I'm really liking this look---something about the almost-square format makes for good composition. My facebook friend, J, recently shared some of her pics as well (the above pic is hers--I think of C's and my piece in the Remake show). She started a cool project, an iPhone photo a day Flickr set--another on the list for inspiration in our quest for making a routine art practice. Check it out: project i365. I'm not familiar with all the filters and options of the iPhone camera or even the analog processes that it is emulating, but the color saturation, texture, and framing devices are good looking! I especially like the ones that somewhat obscure the overall scene and render the object in a strange light, like below:There is also this nebulous sense of time...

Flickr even has a Hipstamatic group (for the app users, that is)---maybe you should join?

I also discovered this Microsoft camera app: Photosynth. It is smart enough to calculate how you are holding your camera and weave together a seamless 3D panorama of the very spot you are standing. Awesome!

Anyway, I'll get to some making this weekend and post again.
Hope you are enjoying your break!


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