Sunday, May 22, 2011

Words + Wood + Paint

Hey K,

Whoo. . . feels good to get so much stuff done this weekend. It's been beautiful weather and I've been outside + inside enjoying my space and light.

Here's a breakdown of what's been happening around here:
1. Friday: Hubs installed baseboard in our bedroom (free!). Meanwhile, I printed 15 linocut "first tries". (Not totally satisfied, still experimenting with paper, color and considering cutting several others to layer on top so there is more going on.. ) But it did feel good to pull some prints - remember our first printmaking class together? I'm working on this as my version of "piles".
2. Went out to play scrabble and get fancy coffees with the Mr. He kicked my butt by getting a "scrabble" (extra 50 points, damn!) Of course, this made me into a sullen, cranky teenager. ;)

3. Saturday: Nightstand makeover. Painted two and added awesomely wierd wood knobs (that I got at a bargain $1.50 each!) The start of our list of summer "under $40" house
renovations. Yea!
4. Designed two fun things for Brother Bear's birthday coming up. (I'll post after he gets them.. even though I'm sure he doesn't read this)
5. Cleaned out closet.. found clothes I forgot about. Free shopping!!

6. Sunday: Hubs and I put on our suits and washed, waxed and oil changed our cars.
7. ---------- and the day is still young. Have plans with the other K tonight.

Something about this photo that I love..

What a great weekend! (They are certainly not always this productive) Next weekend we are going on a mini-road trip to our old Tally streets. Look for pics down nostalgic lane. Hope you are so great. How was the aquarium?

Love ya,

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