Monday, May 2, 2011

Festivals of Sun and Studio Sundays

Dear K,

Whoa.. Yea to social weekends full of creative cooking! Looks like you all had a great time. Also - hope you have a great time in Denver! Congrats to your award, you so deserve the recognition. You participated in a 4x6 show and I participated in a 6x6 show.. continuing the parallel, I love it.

Well, one more semester down! Grades are almost turned in, and now for a little bit more lax summer schedule, including more studio days. To kick start the summer, Hubs and I went to SunFest in downtown WPB where we volunteered yelling "Get your beer right here!" for a few hours and then got to enjoy some music in the sun. Had a root beer float (my fav!) and saw MGMT. They were pretty awesome.

Spent Sunday in the studio starting a new linocut. Thinking about topographical maps of patterns. "Pattern-landia!" I'm so used to my trusty x-acto these days that I forgot how clunky linocuts can be. Fun though.. will post finished block when it is complete. Also brainstorming a new version of my cutting words to apply to a summer show. Keep ya posted.

Your photo diptychs are inspiring me. Think I'll work on a dualing retort this week.. stay tuned!

Love, K

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