Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo cowboys

Howdy partner!

I see that you got the gingham cowboy bug in you, since your trip out west! I done reckin' that I luv that there animation.

Thanks for posting those photos, and yes - I'm newly obsessed with my Hipstamatic. Bizarre that new technology could inspire me to revisit my old love, the Holga camera. I just might join the "photo a day" set. I've had many days off of lounging around reading, dancing with family, eating cupcakes and finishing carving my linocut. Here are some square dancing diptychs.

Your trip out west reminded me of ours, many moons ago. The top pic is a snap of the first page of that journal of cross-country doodles. ! Speaking of old processes', I'm currently scanning Holga negatives that I never got to from our road trip last summer. I'll post them next week so you can see the analog vs. digital difference.

I'm back in the saddle tomorrow.. ho hum.
"Cash love", K.

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