Sunday, July 10, 2011

adventures with the folks

Well...although moving a little slower this time around, we really did quite a lot last weekend--a Cubs game, the Shedd Aquarium, duck dinner at Sun Wah, saw organist Chris Foreman at the Green Mill, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, dinner at B + K's house, Sunday farmer's market, the Caldwell Lily Pond, Algerian crepes at Icosium, a play about dentists at Theatre on the Lake, a walking tour of Old Town, the Chicago History Museum, and finally a July 4th BBQ in the backyard. It was super fun!

A few highlights in pictures
At top: The sky was crazy on our way to the Shedd. The kind of sky before a tornado. The night before, we had a terrible hail storm---I've never experienced anything like it. The news said golfball-sized hail. It was LOUD, and terrifying. The next morning, leaves and branches completely covered the ground, and cars all had little polka-dotted dents on their roofs. Above: The Chicago Botanic Gardens were beautiful. My faves were the Weeping willows in the Japanese gardens, and, of course, the Desert Room.

Below: The neighborhood explodes around the 4th---with people firing off major scale (totally illegal) fireworks out of alleys on every block. We awoke to loud booms and their resulting car alarm set-offs at like 3 am almost every night. For our celebration, however, we stuck to the simple ol' dragon snaps and sparklers.
And this (below) is the lovely little plant my folks left on my ledge before leaving town. We saw some of these at the Botantic Gardens and I thought they were so weird...and cool! They're called Lithops, or "living stones." Native to South Africa, they disguise themselves as rocks, so animals don't eat them. Lithops grow in all sorts of colors and textures, and they even flower. Strangest plant I've come across yet. I'll post soon about art stuff...getting caught up with everything else.

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