Thursday, July 21, 2011

love from Chicago

My dearest K! Love and good thoughts are beaming out from Chicago to you!

Totally thought of your and S's sweet moves last Sunday when N and I went to this thing called Summer Dance. For 15 years now, Chicago has hosted this amazing project, open to the public, featuring great live music, and free! From Thursday -Sunday (every week in the summer), you can take a dance lesson and then dance the night away--each night provides a different kind of style or genre, from Balkan dances to Ballroom, Bollywood to Polka. It was adorable to see so many people of all ages dancing together outside in the garden of Grant Park to the music of a Big Band. Next time you come visit, let's dance!

Like I said today on our phone chat, I'm still catching up with everything after having visitors. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the project I'm looking most forward to working on. I wish I could simply quit everything to focus on this, but thus is life. We will multi-task forever, won't we? Anyway, our traveling truck show proposal is well underway, and I'm obsessing over the possibilities. The collaboration team (there are 8 of us) started a blog to share info/links/photos/inspirations with each other while we're in the planning process. I put up a mini version of Mabel's Wayback Machine there. Check it out:

I like your dreamy hot summer pics. And FISH--yay! Pets always make home more fun.
I love you sooooo much! Thinking of you lots!

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