Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The colors of summer

Dear K,

Love those botanical gardens photos! That "living stone" looks so prehistoric. Glad you had fun with the fam.

Well.. pretty quiet around here. Laying low. Trying to stay cool. Usual summer stuff. Above are two fun color studies from recent weeks of adventures. One from a fun night out on the town with friends, the other from a quiet beach drive in the mist.

Also.. we got some fish! Meet "Oscar, Levi and the Whalers" ;) They have livened up our living room and the Mr. sings to them in the morning. It's hysterical.

The above photo is the first of what I would expect many bookbinding adventures. Paper has been organized and now its time for binding. Felt pretty fun, since its been awhile to sew and stitch signatures together. Wrapping classes up in about a week and looking forward to my trip to see my brother. Expect northern pics for next post!

Love, K.

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