Saturday, July 2, 2011

This type of summer

Hey K,

Been busy down here.. up to my ears in books and bookmaking. I LOVED your "Pop Song". Super sweet and layered in love. Made me think of "K Booty Shake" ;) which I still think about and laugh out loud.

Lots of things since I last wrote. Finished my I-Invasions... all four of them
have an opening tonight. Hope I get some good feedback. Also received a generous donation of bookbinding stuff from a friend. Sorting through all of the drawers and boxes. I will probably keep 1/4 of the stuff, even this means I will never have to buy paper again! Book cloth, book board, guillotine, paper cutters, nipping press, and funky old tables.. we even have a round backer in our driveway. Yikes.

Want a roll of book cloth? Let me know what color and I'll save one for you. Otherwise, most of
it is going to the Jaffe Center at FAU. I couldn't possibly use all of it in a lifetime!

Also, finished E + S's wedding invitation and picked up a new freelance design job. And I thought in the summer things would slow down ;)

Hope you have a great time with your family! It's been super rainy here, so I'm taking this long weekend to slow down, putz around the house and organize all of my new paper. Call once the fam is off your couch!

Love, K.

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