Monday, May 12, 2008

6 x 6 by 2008

Dear K,

First of all.. I've been missing you! Our weekly chats until the end of the answering machine and blogs have been silent due to many factors (my end of semester craziness, your trip home, etc.). So, while you're gone, I'm apparently promoting the many shows, call for entries, and other things that I am interested in. While in grad school at VSW, I used to be pretty involved with Rochester Contemporary. While I no longer live there, many of my old colleagues are still involved with RoCo (fellow VSW alum Bleu Cease is now the Director) and they are having a call for work for their "6 x 6 by 2008" show.

It's simple.. send in everything and anything that is 6 x 6". Everything gets shown, and (hopefully) everything will get sold for $20. Enter and find out more guidelines here:

Submissions are due by May 23.. go get cracking. Hey, its only 6", why not? (and for a good cause)

Plus, I totally love their billboard adverts. A great way to go big on art.

Talk soon,

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