Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How public should public art be?

Dear K, 

First off, my apologies for my lack of blogging this week. Many things have happened - S and I went out of town for my favorite brother, A's "White Coat Ceremony" for med school. I felt so proud of my brother, as well as this started me thinking about two things:
                                       1. The symbolism for the color white. 
2.  Ideas surrounding public vs. private ceremonies. 
I've been (trying) to work on these white-on-white drawings and getting into the private ritual of it all. Things change when I talk about these publicly though.. more to come on those later. 

Speaking of fun and exciting, I am newly in charge of creating some public art for my school's campus. So the researcher in me has been hard at work! I'm looking to make something inexpensive but brightly colored and incorporating fun shapes to be installed in certain grassy areas on campus. (We also have to factor the possibility of hurricane-strength winds, ugh.) I'm excited about this opportunity to create a lasting impact, but still am not totally clear about which direction I want to take my students in. In my searching, I found this fun landscape/public art sculpture and these Tony Feher pieces. I love this simple idea, colored water in bulbous plastic bottles. Maybe it could take care of the endless water bottles I see on campus. Public art and clean up project? Any ideas???

I absolutely adore those overheard Felix Gonzalez-Torres comments. DOES he have a gigantic storage unit of candy? Hmm... 

Love and miss you, 

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