Wednesday, May 14, 2008

beauty + loss

Sad news! Rauschenberg was def. a catalyst for postmodern critiques on beauty and a super significant figure in forging alternatives to Modernism. Gotta love him! And speaking of great loss, after taking my students to see the same ol' -isms of the 18 and 1900s, I wandered over to the contemp. rooms of the Art Institute. There was an exhibit of Felix Gonzalez-Torres work. These pathetic camera-phone pics don't quite do it justice, but the candies and golden curtain were shiny and reflective. Opening the curtain felt like I was entering a secret space (although I have been in this exact space many times before). Inside was a tour group of teens. They grabbed up the candy and posters (the plain white ones with the gray stripe) after the tour guide was through, and I overheard two seemingly poignant questions: 1. "what are we supposed to do with this paper now?" and 2. "does he have a huge storage space full of this candy, or does he buy a load of it everytime the piece shows?"

The pic at the top is from a scaffolding pole near the new construction of the Lamps of Elegance building by my house. And I do love you!


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