Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Homage to Combines/Combinations

Hiya K!

I love love love all of your pics from your northern Florida trip home. Damn, I miss sweet tea! (I can't get it down here in south Florida, its a whole different kind of picnic). Glad you are getting back to your routines. I have a million new things on my list, with new semester and longer lectures.

In my procrastination today, I read that Robert Rauschenberg, one of my favorite artists ever, passed away in his Captiva, FL studio yesterday. Not only do I love the fact that he is so influential, yet still holes up on a remote island in S.W. Florida, but I have always loved his combinations. Some of his older silkscreens are what made me want to silkscreen in the first place, many moons ago when we had that fantastic printmaking class together. There is something so intriguing about all of those drippy layers.

Here's to Rauschenberg - his trash, his layers, his exuberant experimentation

With a little sadness,

p.s. Did you hear the story of the grad student going through HIS trash? Irony at its best. More on that story here:


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