Monday, May 5, 2008


Morning K - Happy Monday.

Its final exam week here and I'm procrastinating grading the stacks of exams on my desk. While daydreaming, I remembered the book that I spent all weekend reading on the beach - "Principles of Uncertainty" by Maira Jalmans. Her quirky illustrator style is sweet and spunky and a pleasure to read. These pinkish muffins remind me of my best girl, Sarah L's work. Sarah L is the hardest worker I know. A long way from our 9th grade art shows together where we served coffee and thought we were so cool, she has built quite a reputation as an illustrator, filmmaker and artist extraordinare. Her "Bake Sheets" of Toronto sweets and her "100 portraits" are my recent favorite projects, be sure to check them out. Recently, she just launched MOMMA - Museum of My Mother's Art. In honor of approaching Mother's Day, send in your photos and stories of your mother's or grandmothers artwork. I'm getting pictures of my Grandma's needlework, my Nana's paintings, and my mom's artwork together to send in. I love it!

Check out "Principles of Uncertainty" at your local library. (Top two images)

Check out Sarah L at: (illustration of her cutie house)

and MOMMA at:


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