Monday, May 12, 2008

grandmas, lions, and catfish!

Hiya K! I've been missing you, too! And anxiously trying to make time to blog. Thanks for posting all the calls for art. I took some pics of my mom's paintings and g-ma's crafty goods to send to the MOMMA project. And I'll spread the word on the other calls. I have loads of schoolwork to catch up on, but wanted to post these pics of Clark's Fish Camp in Jax, where we went for Mother's Day. It's a fish shack right on the inter coastal full of taxidermy animals and slow southern folk. They have a giant man built of sea sponges, a claw machine that grabs for live lobsters (instead of the usual stuffed animals), and a section on the menu for "those who like to live dangerously"---with things like snake and gator. I had all-you-can-eat fresh-from-the-water fried catfish and a never-ending glass of really sweet tea. It was just the Florida experience I needed!Love + miss!

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