Monday, March 2, 2009

Guest K: "Lifestyle"

K & K-

I am a guest on your charmed space and honored to have been asked to write about a project that I've been working on entitled "Lifestyle" with my partner Calvin Jones. We have been documenting and collecting stories about people, places, and things.

As a properties artisan working in partnership with a sound designer, we are creating installed spaces adorned with video collages, sound collage, photographic record, and collected, arranged objects recreating stories of the present to inspire other to connect with their present, with vision to inspire their future and create a vibrant past.

Definition by experience, "Lifestyle" is a multi-media installation with vision of inspiration and inclusion. "Lifestyle" is a riddle that can only be answered by being part of it. A friend defined "Lifestyle" being defined by its infinite possibilities; another describes "Lifestyle" is what attaches us to the present, then those links becoming our past. Ferrin Lunestad describes "Lifestyle" with "humans as velcro; individual, highly specialized velcro. Lifestyle is the hooks that we catch on in life. What attracts our attention, what makes us smile or think, or become present again. What we recognize. And how the things and moments we love, are actually us."

Celebrating present that leads to beautiful future and a vibrant past,

Kehren Barbour

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