Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shameless promotion

Dear K, 

Hey!! We're in the spotlight (well, briefly). Our show at Ouch My Eye gallery apparently was a success - and I'm so happy we participated. 

I have another blog waiting in the wings but wanted to post this descriptor of the exhibit, "Drawing is a Verb" that we were included in by the dapper Michael Lorefice of Seattle. 

"Drawing is a Verb" explores the liberation of drawing from the shadow of painting, in which it has wallowed in for so long, into complete and autonomous works of art. Climbing from this second-tier status, drawing has regained its footing, accentuating the process and act of creation where each work of art exists as the record of an activity over time. Whether a pencil dragged across a surface of paper or a trail of footprints extending into the distance, drawing is a verb examines imagery and ideas that are free and emancipated from the rigid traditions of the past, yet still in line with its ideals. 

It was so great to collaborate and mix ideas together like a recipe for drawing for this exciting show. Wish we could jet to Seattle to see it - surprisingly enough, we got a plug in Seattle's Daily Candy. (How did my name make the headline???). If anyone is in the area - go, document, draw and then send us pictures!

Thanks Michael. Can't wait to see the images that viewers created. 


p.s. Thanks Kehren for your lovely post. Will respond to it in the next blog. 

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K and K said...

lovely, K..congrats on nice mention! xo k