Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday in the park/studio/garden

Dear K, 

It's been weeks since my trip, but I still feel like I am getting back into the swing of things. Everyone wants updates, pictures, check-ins - and I am exhausted and torn in a thousand different directions. I've been feeling productive lately - starting some pieces for our show. Have finalized my plan of action for Home/Page - we should have a phone date soon!
It's a beautiful weekend here - breezy, sunny. Yesterday was administrative errands - did my taxes, started the name change process (concepts are absolutely going to be a part of my artists book for our show - one part exciting, one part terrifying = conflicted). After a morning of running around, spent the afternoon in my studio - starting collages, a photo series, continuing my "homestellations" (blueprints + constellations) silkscreened ants and manipulated slides. The ants have taken over my studio! Today is a dinner and garden adventure in Miami with the lovely Amanda, I'm excited to start having more adventures with her, now that she has moved back. 
Hope you are having a great weekend too.. Is spring there yet? 


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