Sunday, March 1, 2009

happy anny + people projects

Yesterday was our anniversary--one year of life-in-parallel (l.i.p.)--yay!

Wanted to report on some very participatory events going on. I think I told you about this Sketchbook Project I participated in. Although, I had a very limited time to complete my sketchbook, I submitted nonetheless. I wasn't very proud of my drawings--just sort of cranked it out--but many of the other entries are great! You can view some of them here: The theme was "Everyone We Know" and one my favorites is (pictured above) "portraits of facebook status updates" by Marissa Falco. This project is on tour and stopping at many galleries in major cities across the U.S. It's actually coming to Chicago on March 8 @ Antena Gallery, so I plan to check it out. You can see their tour schedule and other projects on their site: A new project in the works, "The Canvas Project: The Encyclopedia Edition," is building a pictoral encyclopedia in the Atlanta Airport. Anyone and everyone are invited to participate---this is great collaborative organization!I was delighted to participate in an event last Friday hosted by Ryan Richey (above) in relation to his show "My Whole Life" at Spoke. Spoke is a warm contemporary space encouraging collaboration and dialogue--separating itself from the cold commerical gallery scene. Not only did Ryan intimately share his own life in paintings and writings, but he invited others to share as well. "Nitey Nite" gathered a variety of readings and performances. A small crowd of people snug on the floor, sitting on sleeping bags and pillows listened, cringed, and laughed to 3 hours of personal, historical, and fictional accounts--characters, settings, and situations that reveal and connect us.

You can see Ryan's work and read some of his writing at his site:

Also considering our collaborative "audience-is-artist" drawing attemps, it's been a very inclusive participatory month. Let's keep it up.

love ya!

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