Saturday, March 21, 2009

Randomness head in the clouds and pictorial updates

Dear K, 

Some great posts lately.. thanks for picking up the slack while I was securely settled into a hammock for an entire week. Belize was stunning.. am using some of my underwater photos of coral and fantastical fish as inspiration for collages for our show. Even pondering including the Mayans and other ancient civilizations in our conceptual realms of the collaborative. Anything that takes 250 years to be built is the art of collaboration gone extreme. Also note, our class description is up! See VSW Summer Institute and spread the word!

Today I'm feeling scattered.. one half still in Belize, sitting by the pool and listening to reggae, the other annoyed/intrigued by the reggae festival that is happening in the park directly across the street this weekend. I've been trying to be in my studio today, but fumbling... stumbling and crumbling into distraction a tad. 

My distractions led me to ponder my quest to be more positive these days. Positive about my place in the world, my life, our artistic lives. In keeping with this positive attitude .... wanted to post some follow up photos of our show in Seattle, "Drawing is a Verb." Thanks Mike for sending these... it absolutely gives us a sense of how the collaboration between the K's danced with the collaborative efforts of the audience. 

Been thinking a lot about collaboration these days.. even had a nice chat about it with my mom. (Thanks Mom!) I completely related to your idea of "negotiating me + we". I can relate - in art, in work, in love, in space. I think for so long I worked as a solo artist - retaining control and obsessing over details. Do you think that it is a coincidence that we are getting older, maturing and allowing ourselves to loose a little bit of that artistic control? I find that while other things have settled, (career, the search for a loving partner, perhaps?) I find it appealing to work with others again. Even as a child, I was never good a playing with others. Always the solo artist, I have vivid memories of me lurking in the corners with my sketchbook and crayons. 
See above for photos from Seattle, as well as the official Showtel 2009 postcard. I'm so excited to be a part of this event, as it is absolutely the most important contemporary show in the Palm Beach area all year. Unlike Chicago, we are a tad void of contemporary - so I feel honored to push my multi-disciplinary envelope with my friend Adrienne. We're working on silkscreen, small sculptures in large multiples, fabric creations, video and sound crunchings. 

Stay posted. Stay focused. Stay positive!

Love, K.

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