Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Showtel 2009

Dear K,

Whew.. what a whirlwind few weeks - and the next few are crazy as well. First, wanted to comment on your amazing last post. Oh how I LOVED your students invented font animation. What a great and successful project!! You should be giving yourself a gigantic educational pat on the back for that one... loved it and it looked like your students had so much fun as well. Here's to art being fun again.

Funny thing.. in addition to your amazing fonts, ironic that you posted about the "penny art" and wallpaper. As I have had references to both this week. See Showtel photos for penny room as well as look for a post later this week on my upcoming wallpaper exhibit!

And now for some updates/photos from this weekend's Showtel 2009. What an event! I've never been involved in something so exciting, so frantic and so overwhelmingly full of energy. Adrienne and I spent 14 hours carefully placing small sculptures and silkscreened ants about the room for our "munching, crunching, bunching, scrunching" piece. It was a total success and wonderful to be a part of. I felt like an art star!! Our sound, video, slide projections, scented room, silkscreened ants, thread, small sculptures made of hair and lint, and fabric draping the room created a fantastical habitat that spoke of layered consumption, nesting and the feeling that insects (or some other creature) had invaded the space. Although I have worked in installation before, I haven't ever had so much sensory overload. The projected slides were one of my favorite aspects. See above for a detail shot. .. I'm planning of using these in our exhibit as well. There are about 80 that change every 3 seconds, creating a didactic and scratched, eaten and abstracted image.

Kara Walker-Tome, the event's curator, did such an amazing job coordinating - complete with a lovely catalogue and much press about town. And I have to say, it was wonderful to meet so many amazing and energetic local artists.

For additional photos see here
and here.

Stay tuned for a wallpaper post - lots to tell. It's the end of the semester - grading, compiling, etc. Plus, I need to keep working on our exhibit, and the film that I'm working on. Storyboards are next. Yippee.

Lots of love,

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