Thursday, April 2, 2009

An homage to Nathan and Joan

Dear K, 

Hope you are great! I know we are both swamped this month.. How could I possibly have so many competing projects for my time? Both inspiring and exhausting. 

Speaking of inspiring and exhausting - VSW, my old friend and alma mater is turning 40!! In honor of Nathan and Joan Lyons - founding directors of Visual Studies Workshop - I wanted to do a quick post dedicated to years of humble beginnings and hard work, independently operating art spaces, brilliant collections, AfterImage, and the hard-working grad students who continue to breath life into two ivy-covered buildings. VSW is like no other place I have ever known... part collaborative, part think-tank, part miracle, it is a direct reflection of Nathan and Joan's vision of providing an alternative and multi-faceted art space.

Today, it's run by friends and colleagues, Kris and Tate, who are giving it a fresh breath of air in a windy and turbulent economy. Kudos to VSW - its rich history and its bright future. It's hard to imagine my artistic career without it. See City Newspaper's feature article and bid on the amazing collection of work displayed at it's annual auction

I miss it's ivy walls and cooperative do-it-yourself attitude. I'm looking forward to our Summer Institute class, so I can keep exploring its splendor. 

with hope for art spaces, 

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