Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring on...

Dear K, 

A quick post to sort through a schizophrenic few weeks. It's spring, which means I have to turn the a/c on for the first time in months, making me a little sad. It's the end of the semester, meaning I have papers to grade, things to compile, and the biggest exhibit to hang in my school gallery. It's two weeks until my Showtel installation - yielding technical issues, silkscreen mania and tactile decision making. Also starting a newproject - production design for an exciting film. The above bicycle photos are my "visual research".

My students are doing paper sculptures in multiples while I am at home "munching" and taking away space. I stumbled upon this photo of artist, Chris Natrop' s work while searching for a brainstorm thunderstorm. 

Inspiration is needed lately. I am at the exact vanishing point of complete exhaustion meets complete inspiration and artistic energy. . . Thought you might need a spring boost. 

Miss you, 

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