Thursday, April 16, 2009

time for tedium

Dearest K,
I miss you much! The pressure is on, huh? Well, isn't it always? I know you're in a crunch time, but you'll catch a break from school soon. That exhausted productiveness and last minute art-panic-fervor can sometimes feel pretty good, so get all wrapped up! And once the summer is over, you will have accomplished many great little feats. I'm completely jealous of your A/C complaint. This K is still wearing her winter coat, although the sun is out and the Japanese magnolia is trying to open.

I wanted to show you some work up at ARC right now. It's completely aligned with your aesthetic tastes and made me think of your beautiful window sill nature collection. The artist, Sun H. Choi, spent over 20 hours installing this wall piece. She slept over night in the gallery pinning each tiny twig into place---drawing with the lines of nature. The end result is a steady whimsy that reminds me of the Japanese woodcut Jeff Wall so famously appropriated or the in-flight merging of migrating birds. And yet with closer inspection, each form has its own intricate weathering that reveals the individual to the whole, the complexity of life and current.
As for my life and work, I'm pretty low energy these days--in need of some sunshine and a productive art day. Hope to talk to you soon!


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