Wednesday, April 30, 2008

art IS fashion earlier guilty purchase of a Nylon magazine did lead me to an interesting play on art + economy. Damien Hirst collaborated with Levi to design a pair of jeans in the Warhol collection, using the imagery of his $100 million diamond skull. The art-world is one outrageous gift shop!
love + bling,

p.s. In response to your question about artfairs (or affairs) in hotels: it's a luxurious vacation to the escapist ideals of art, further glamorizing (inaccurately) the life of an artist. The collector plays a cultural rockstar, pampered and catered to, in order to feel anxiety-free about spending un-earthly (because they are no longer in the earthly realm, but a make-believe liminal space) amounts of money on whatever they fancy. It is, after all, souvenir shopping. Forgive me, I just lectured on the Rococo period and am feeling especially cynical in general. "Showtel" looks very cool! AND difficult to purchase!

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