Friday, April 11, 2008

Archive to Get a Grip?

Dear K,

I think you're right on with your views on archiving.. There seems to be alot of it. Perhaps, in our crazy multi-technological, mutli-tasking communicatory society it fills our need to document...? Suddenly, everyone wants to be there own, as well as the world's personal historian. Issues, feelings, images, notations are constantly and consistantly whizzing by at lightning speed, so I think it makes sense that we want to organize, prioritize, alphabetize, catergorize as a method of sifting through the rubble of our existence.

You know me, if I have a list of things to do, it makes me feel like I can handle the tasks ahead of me. In terms of imagery, we as artists constantly have images we are inspired by, images that we have in our heads but have yet to create, and images that we quickly disregard. For me, its all about creating a system in order to whittle-down our daily lives. By whittling things down to a more manageable scale, we are more likely to get some clarity in our making.

These two artists above are my favorite "systems" artists (a term only used by me). Danica Phelps creates beautifully layered drawings of her daily life, while Mark Lombardi creates connections between seemingly disparate topics. His layered loops create diagrams that I usually have never thought to connect.

And speaking of diagrams.. I'm always a sucker for a good Venn Diagram. I recently stumbled upon this artist, Jessica Hagy, who posts daily diagrams that beat the band on humor. Check more of her out at: I'm really wanting to buy her new book, "Indexed".

Off to check things off of my endlessly growing to-do list.

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