Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enjoyably Distracted

Well, K,
My most recent grocery purchase: Coffee Creamer, Nail Polish, + a Nylon Magazine doesn't feel very "green," but at least I walked to the store. I love imagining you on your crystal blue, riding around sunny Fla, with your hip basket full of flowers, snacks, books, and paper-art projects! This image of you is sooooo cool!

Ah geez. So, back to that archiving discussion again, it seems I've been so busy with my lists and "to do's" that blogging lost rank for a bit. But I do think you're right about our desire to whittle. I especially want to feel like I have a hold on things, to ease the anxiety of overwhelming Lost and Busy-ness. Also, it's meaning-making, meaning-connecting + contextualizing, which IS the business of artists (it's our "paperwork").

I want to share with you this exhibition I took my students to today, but I'm sleepy and distracted. In the meantime, an organized list of recent cute happenings in my life---things that aren't on the daily/weekly/monthly agenda, but sometimes seem more important:

1. heart-shaped mushroom (I left it on the plate for a few days to watch how it shriveled)2. Greasy delicious goat-cheese pizza (it's called "Thee Hipster")3. blooming + beautiful Jap. Mag.
4. Tita + Bella (Tita's brother, Josh, was giving them tickets for breaking sidewalk bike laws)5. an authentic vending-cart-on-bike (my neighbor's...not sure what's for sale, but there are colorful palm trees painted on the side)

More art-stuff soon!

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