Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'll see your Grumps with a Shark-Tooth Nail Biter

Dear K,
You know I like hearing about your Bushwick friends. Their life seems so romantic! And I always enjoy seeing the "making of" elements relating to any creative project. Have you heard that quote (I don't know from who), "It's not the movie but the making of Fitzcarraldo...?" Critics argue that the story behind the making of the film is more interesting than the film itself. I find this true about a lot of contemporary art. I'm more intrigued by the process and the evidence of the artist's thinking than the actual product. Except for in the case of SharkGirl...

The last stop of three Friday night openings. The show at Packer Schopf Gallery featured two artists: Michael Genovese and Casey Riordan Millard (SharkGirl). Michael's work (since we're on a first-name basis) was very urban. Graffiti/tattoo aesthetics mixed with street language and vague-yet-very-subculture one-liners. "All my Skin Folk Ain't all my Kin Folk." He had these beautiful aluminum etchings, which look as though others (the audience) participated in their production. Like writing on the bathroom walls, people carved obscene or absurd pictures and quotes. He then amplified them, by drawing highly detailed decorative doodling. Here is a picture:
He has a lot of interesting projects. Check out his website:
My favorite part of the exhibition were the vending carts. V and I decided that they are so very "Humbolt Park"---customized carts with hand-painted lettering and images of Corn (Ellotes). It's funny seeing this in a gallery context. I've always appreciated the sort-of "rigged" aesthetic of the outside world. In the scheme of things (in the art-world that is), it seems so honest and real. I don't know if it's a good thing that it is being recognized or not. You know what I mean?

SharkGirl was downstairs. These characters were adorable! There seems to be a trend right now: animal-headed people. Have you noticed? It's all over the "hip" visual scene (which sometimes makes me totally J!). These played right in--cute little objects with a bit of angst-y mystery. There are more images on the gallery site:

I want a shark tooth!
Hope the grumps leave you alone soon.
love, k

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