Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Archives and Research

Hey K's!

Been missing you.. we were on a blogging roll there for awhile. I have a million things that I am trying to check off of my list today, but I got an email from my friends at Bushwick Farms about some of their new projects and updated website. This interesting couple has built a life around being Artists in Residence at various locations around the country - giving them the space, support and time to make their work. Their drawings, installations, photographs, performances and short films are based heavily on research, collection and the idea of historical archives.

I love the collection of drawings placed strategically on the wall, coupled with this blueprint for planning out the space. I get so effected by space and always am drawn to blueprints, quick sketches and plans of installations. It's like receiving a secret and coded message for deciphering the work.

Check them out more at: or

How are you today?

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