Thursday, April 24, 2008

Distracted by dance..

Ok, K..

Love, love, love your heart-shaped mushroom and other pics. I'm feeling distracted by things other than art lately as well. Paperwork is getting me down this week (to-do lists, papers to grade, final exams to organize, etc)... good thing S and I had our first ballroom dancing class last night to perk up my step! - After years of taking ballet and modern classes (and not always feeling so graceful in them) I'm finally taking ballroom. And our teacher is hysterical - think 80 year old crooner in shiny dance shoes. We are the youngest couple on the dance floor by an easy 20 years, but are loving it.

Maybe some of these graceful "slow, slow, quick, quick" rhythms and lines can start to appear in my art making.. . Here's hoping for a productive art weekend inspired by new moves.

Let's boogie,

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