Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show me your hotel

Hey hon..I'm jealous of all your art fair a-going. From your pictures, all the work looks so interesting and delicately modern. I keep noticing this trend of highly detailed large-scale drawings and minute sculptures everywhere. It really appeals to my interests in the mixed media as well as architecture. I've been "seeing sculpturally" these days, after my first semester in teaching 3-D. Plus, I love the comments on "the future of art" - what IS it? And how does the economy and money fit into the equation??? Coming from the non-profit/academia side of things, I think both of us find this art as a commodity, auction houses and works being sold for the price of foreclosed houses is hard to wrap our heads around.

It was actually a really great weekend for the arts in south Florida. Showtel, "an annual one-night exhibition of site-specific art" was this weekend, and it was quite a hit. 21 artists transformed each room of Hotel Biba (a funky old Florida deco hotel) into an array of fatastical worlds. The installation of the pool was my favorite (and also my greatest regret for not charging my camera batteries.. ugh!) - visualize a bed, two nightstands, a rug and lamps floating on the floor of a pool effortlessly. It was quite the conversation starter. Plus, everyone looked pretty fabulous. Here are some pics from last year... Learn more about this fun south Florida event at www.showtel.org

Alot of artfairs are now housed in hotels. (particularly at Art Basel Miami). What's the connection?

Still underwater,

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Hey Kayce and Kristin,

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I can't wait to see you both in January for Kristin's wedding!


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