Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why archive?

Hey K!
Although I love (as do you) archiving, cataloging and all things diagramatic, what's with all the art as archive these days? Do you think it is an indirect attack on the Modernist ideas of static identity and logical categorization? Or a direct reference to scientific dissection and objective "understanding?" Comment on historians, critics? Is it about information? Nostalgia? Or...

Image 1: detail of Beth Campbell's My Potential Future and How I Got There?
Images 2+3: Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson, Archive
These are both on display at the Cultural Center in a show called Slightly Unbalanced. The archive descriptions are especially witty. Go to the artist's website ( to read some of the labels. They seemed to customize a few for each location---there was one that read "new prospects for the chicago cubs."

I guess we're creating our own archive to the right, huh? What's the fascination? (I'm asking myself and you)

Just recording my thoughts...with love,

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