Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flamingos are everywhere..

Dear K,
I absolutely loved your last post. Those chestnut pods are beautiful.. they remind me of these seed pods that I always collect but never seem to do anything with. This weekend I am organizing my new studio room (yea! -Finally space to make things again!) and am inspired by your posted book shelf. I love arranging books in small piles around the house, but am getting into the idea of one gigantic book shelf where all of them can live together.

Speaking of flamingos.. (I'm not sure why I'm working flamingos into the conversation, but then again, why not??) In Florida there are so many references to them. I pass them in my neighbors yards on my way to work, and currently there is a beauty of one in my school's gallery that I manage. These photos are from the latest show that I have curated at my college. There are some really nice pieces, I think. A good mix of traditional and non-traditional painting, drawing and printmaking. I've also posted a small photo of my messy "they told me that this was an office but it's really a broom closet" of an office space. I recently hung up these images that say, "Do What You Love" to remind me when things get crazy.

You know how you and I have regular freak outs about what we are doing vs. what we want to do vs. we're doing ok? The other day someone asked me, "What is it that you want to do?" I replied without hesitation, "I'm doing it."

We're doing it, K. ... Yes!
Happy day to you,

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