Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dear K,

I know, I know... Miranda J excites me and makes me sad all at the same time. The irony about her very prolific work is that it is about the juxtaposition of just that - ordinary and extraordinary colliding. Although I feel that her movie, "You and Me and Everyone I Know" is for a very particular section of the population, I could watch it over and over. Her newest work that is on my nightstand right now is her book, "No One Belongs Here More than You." I laughed and cried about the guy who gave swimming lessons in his apartment.

In the art world, it seems to be all about connections. Miranda J takes full advantage of this - and we should too! This reminds me of fact that every single time I put up a slide of an abstract/abstract expressionist work, my students say, "Hey.. I could do that..." My (sometimes) witty retort: "Maybe so... but you aren't."

Moral: I value her work ethic and gumption. Great ideas are just ideas without gumption.

Until next time,

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