Monday, March 3, 2008

Press RETURN to size up the situation

Hey K!
Your student's box is really wonderful!--nice job, teach! I really miss not teaching studio classes this term. I am taking my Contemp. class to the MCA Wednesday to see Gordon Matta-Clark, though. More on that later.

So...last Saturday, my bro and I went to the Chiditarod races. It was FINALLY sunny, and very funny! It's a take on the Alaskan Iditarod, only instead of sleds and dogs, they use decorated shopping carts pushed by people. How "urban!" The most hilarious part about it, is that each team creates a theme for their shopping carts and costumes. These themes via felt, foil, glitter and glue were so adorably pathetic. Let's see...there were a few Viking troops, adult babies, nurses, Sesame Street, a camel and his harem, ghetto robots, and Monty Python's knights of the round table (and that was only part of the first of 3 Heats!). Partly because their cheering section was next to us screaming "Give them dysentery!," our favorite team was the Oregon Trail. Remember that computer game from when you were in middle school? You had to do things like ration food, and make it across the river without loosing a horse or a wheel. And if you didn't call the shots properly, your entire caravan of covered wagons could die in the middle of America! Wow. V-games have come a long way! Anyway, the races were fantastic, absurd, and just what I needed in this ending stretch of winter. I mean, grown adults, wearing ridiculous outfits (that they took the time to make, by the way), racing down the busy city street with shopping carts full of canned food and construction paper pizazz---This is the Chicago I love!

Have fun in canoes!

Learn more about Chiditarod @
Download the Oregon Trail video game for FREE @


LAD said...

the chiditarod looks fun! have you heard about the idiotarod in nyc? (i love the name "idiotarod" heehee)

K and K said...

Oh yeah. It's the same idea. And they do look like idiots! That's why it's so great.