Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dinner Parties

Dear K,
Wow, youre eating so healthy these days! Your post made me miss our dinner party days. . . I have so many good memories of eating and laughing with you. In my brief blog searching today I found this image from www.nigel-peake.blogspot.com and all I want to do today is skip and have a picnic in the park with all of these plates and goodies. Another good blog that I just discovered via my friend A in Vancouver is called "A Book of Evenings" in which two friends document their dinners everynight... I love this idea and just might capture my dinner this evening. In addition to this, I always think of Judy Chicago and seeing her give a lecture about her influential feminist Dinner Party piece. Everytime I see her work, I am flabbergasted at the amount of devotion and crafty skill in the ceramic work, embroidery and conceptual foresight.

Happy eating.

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