Thursday, March 13, 2008

Totally J!

Hey k, know how I'm totally J of Miranda J? I still really love the work she does! The learningtoloveyoumore project continues to be amazing. It's celebrating people, connecting strangers, and (like she talks about in her interview) is awkwardly "real." I especially love how it involves non-artists and somewhat operates outside of the trendy brand obsessed art/fashion-world economy. My only critique would be that this unique exchange of alternative "making" is then placed back into the gallery context for art legitimization (?).
And what's personally hilarious about this little video, is that my old-friend-J is featured in one of the projects re-enacting someone else's arguement.

Also, check out this website:
It's where the interview came from. The site design is adorable, and the content--quirky and fun artist interviews. I'll probably show a couple of these to my class.

love ya,

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