Saturday, March 8, 2008


Dear K,
Loved reading about your camping adventures. Imagining you and S in that canoe is hilarious! Great scrabble pic! Congrats on the article---beautiful excerpt. I think part of the reason Wall's color is so saturated and the moment so heightened, is because of the way he displays these images. The quiet-made-epic moments are quite literally "illuminated" from behind, illuminating, for us, the significance of every tiny detail on a cinematic scale. Sorry to diverge. There is something about Jeff Wall, isn't there? Anyway, I would love a copy of your article for my class. We look at his work, but it would be nice to have a little "trusted" reading about him too!

I'm not up to much this weekend: grading, organizing, scheming. The ARC opening was last night. A good crowd and Martha Rosler on loop! It was an interesting mix of young and old, 1st wave and no-wave feminists, taking in the shouting and whispering feminism of artists from the 70s and today. Although, people were chatting and engaged in the work, Rosler's voice was a constant drone, like a ghost from the past reminding us that we may very well still be in the past. Spooky and revealing!

More later...

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jeaninej said...

well, look what i just found as i was searching around on the internet - what a fun idea, ladies! really fun! i look forward to reading more...
and i hope you both are well,