Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Portable Cities

Dear K,
Yay! Here's 2 R Skool 4 Art 4-ever! Thanks, B, for our great logo! In the meantime...
Love that picnic pic. Even the dishware looks delicious! I do miss our mealtime schemings.

I actually went to this show a few weeks ago and wanted to do a little research before posting. You will love this lady! Anne Wilson (you probably already know about her). I saw her Portable City, Notations, and Wind-up at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery in the West Loop. These forms, made up of needles and thread (or wire filament) are beautifully intricate and eerily invasive. Even the clustering of glass cases mimics topographical zones of city growth across an imagined distance. It's amazing to see in person, almost unreal. The work is minuscule, delicate, organic--reminiscent of a spider web. Although so very tiny, I sensed a foreboding danger. Their individual fragility is examined only at close inspection. Complex systems of order and chaos. Some threads are finer than a hair, but the power of many (seemingly duplicating at rapid speed) move towards impending disaster---like termites to a house, cancer to a body, or people to the world.

You should definitely take a look at her website: www.annewilsonartist.com, especially her topologies.

enjoy the sun!

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