Friday, March 7, 2008


Dear K,

Wow.. your new shows at ARC look great! (I'm still waiting to hear if I get accepted into the other feminist show at your gallery.. Curators: hint, hint, pick me, pick me!) I love the photograph by Judy Langston, it reminds me of one of my first favorite photographers, Duane Michals. Michals is amazing at successful image and text juxtaposition and was heavily influencial on my early photography days. Remember all of those tea photographs that I wrote messages on??

Other things... while you were riding urban carts, I was riding canoes and playing scrabble in the Florida wilderness. I had a "I love Florida" moment as well.. most people don't realize that this part of Florida exists and it's my favorite part! S and I had a few tense moments on the canoe run, it was alot harder than any other canoeing experience that I have ever had. It was 7 miles of really narrow and treacherous steering, including having to dodge alligators and fallen trees. Yikes! We survived (albeit a little annoyed with each other!) - even after a thunderstorm at mile 5 that made us step up the pace. After we returned to the campsite we saw this "canoe support" sign.. and I started laughing hysterically. We could have used some support! Regardless, it was a great trip that cleared my head and challenged my scrabbling obsession.


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